Unique Funeral Programs

Unique Funeral Programs for your Loved One

Have you recently lost a loved one? Are they someone who was unique and celebrated life in their own way? Do you want to continue that into their memorial service? There are many unique funeral ideas that will celebrate your loved one. There is no reason to stick to the traditional norms of a funeral if the person you are celebrating did no such thing. The possibilities are endless when determining what unique funerals you can choose from. Thinking about the kind of person that your loved one was, what would they want? What would make them smile? This is the first step in planning a unique funeral.

Perhaps your loved one was not a religious person. If so there is no need to hold the funeral in a church, synagogue, or other religious location. Did the departed have a place they loved? Were they spiritual, but not religious? Perhaps celebrating them in a park or at the beach is the best way to memorialize their life. Did they love family gatherings and were they always the one inviting people over to barbeques? Then maybe a nice service in their backyard is something they would have wanted. When choosing a location for your loved one’s funeral, there is no need to stick to the same location. Consider who they are and what they would have wanted.

Was your loved one the type to think outside the box? Perhaps they had intense passions. Did they love comic books or Lord of the Rings? There is nothing wrong with having a themed, unique funeral when that was who the person was. A person who was obsessed with hockey in life can be honored by having guests at their funeral service wear jerseys. This would be a way to honor them and their passion for life. To make truly unique funerals, you need to consider who the person was. Each person is different, and therefore each funeral can be different. Celebrate them how they would have wanted to be celebrated.

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Would you want to do something unique and different to celebrate your loved one’s goodbye? There is a service called Celestis who understand the needs to not only celebrate your passed loved one, but to give them something they would not have ever experienced otherwise. They offer the experience to families to honor the memory of loved ones through unique, post-cremation memorial spaceflight services. That is right! Part of your loved one’s cremated remains will be placed on a ship and launched into space. The options include – a spaceflight with a return to Earth, a launch into Earth’s orbit, a launch to lunar orbit or surface, or a launch into deep space. If your loved one was one for exploration, adventure, spaceflight, or astronomy, this is a unique funeral idea that will truly honor them.

Again, there is no need to stick to the usual norms when it comes to funerals. You can have unique funerals that are tasteful, all the while celebrating the person for who they were.