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What Web Designers Can Pick up From Video Games

Like gamers, web users fancy an interface that’s engaging. Besides killer graphics, the content should be easy to understand and navigate. If users scroll or click a lot to view lacklustre content, you must turn things around or lose it all. Since video games are becoming web-like, web designers can “steal” their high-end creations to transform websites. Let’s elaborate.

Remember the Big Picture

A website’s goal is different from that of a game. But one gaming element web designers can emulate is the hub-and-spoke architecture. This model suits websites with lots of content. Multiple menus, that create paths for visitors to follow, work well when considering a sales funnel.

1.User Engagement – Do it Right!

Your website can benefit from user feedback just like video games. Ask yourself what visitors appreciate and find so appealing. In practice, ask users if they’d like to browse your site after placing an order or getting the info they needed. As you learn what makes a great game, incorporate those findings into your website’s interface.

2.Customised Cursors

Custom cursors aren’t new or rare. They’re common in web applications and built into most browsers. Because this feature is handy, use it to highlight important information and indicate clickable content. Do so when you want visitors to notice something special. To create an interactive design, use the cursors sparingly.

3.Icons Improve Navigation

In games, icons help players recognise a foe, trainer, vendor or another relevant character. Things are different in web design. Icons are taken for granted despite them being paramount interface items. Essentially, icons accelerate navigation and deliver a satisfying user experience. That’s possible if the icons employ solid colours and complement other design elements. Since icons aren’t static, use them to lure attention to key topics. Used well, icons make your website enjoyable and user-friendly.

4.Full-page Carousels and Tabbed Screen

Sites with heaps of information stand to benefit from the use of tabs, slides and carousels. Such features present the bulky data with no snarl-ups. Given the wide range of screen sizes today, don’t implement anything without careful planning. Users will become familiar and comfortable with the new interface if the layout is responsive. A simple horizontal scroll makes your website stand out from the crowd.

5.Pivot Screens

The overall design of your website makes the first impression. When people land on the homepage, amaze them with a pivot screen. Two images are enough to blow their minds. Add Photoshop to the mix. A pivot screen is a beautiful feature that builds excitement and entices users to stay on your site.


With the help of menus, keep visitors on one screen. This approach is brilliant because you can place as many features as you can under each menu. Keep the menus clear and simple. They should be visually lightweight and easy to click. Menus that add visual interest increase conversion rates. Games offer design inspiration that web designers should capitalise on. Adelaide Argon Design continue to push the boundaries for their clients as they stay ahead of the competition and implement innovative designs. If you’re interested in learning a thing or two from them, it’s easy to get in contact. Implementing video game designs on your website makes your interface fun and intuitive.

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Video Game Website Designs

Video Game Website Designs

Gamers live in a world unto themselves, when a gamer gets into a game they want to know absolutely EVERYTHING.  They are kinda like Game of Thrones fans that way…a little obsessive.  Gamers want to know everything not just cheat codes, they want to know who makes the game, the game company history and what inspired the game.

Video games have come a long way since the early days of Pong, today the graphics are incredible, the worlds are realistic and intricate and they have evolved to have entire communities that support gaming.  Every time a new game is launched there is a video game website that goes along with it.  There are usually two kinds of websites set up surrounding a game.

Video Game Website Types

The first generally launches before the game is released they are graphics rich, there are sliders videos, leader boards and more.  Video games websites are some of the best websites ever built.  They are incredible creative, like the games they represent.  They have game guides, screen shots, video clips and forums filled with an interactive community.  Here is an example of the Hawken game website, it gives you an idea of how creative they can be.

Video Games Website Designs

The other type of video game websites that you will find are fan sites.  These are usually built with a gaming website template and they can have pretty active communities surrounding them.  This is where you will find a lot of tips and cheat codes if they are available.  Fan sites while they are necessarily as creative as the gaming websites put up by developers the dedication by the community is fantastic.

Gaming Website Design Examples

The first site you should have a look at is Halo: Waypoint the site was developed by Microsoft the creators of Halo and it is the hub for all Halo releases.  It brings the richness of the game right to the website the way it uses fonts, the menu and the design.  It makes user engagement simple with leaderboards, stats and game information.

The other is built for gaming fans of all kinds of different game genres, everything from Mario Kart to Grand Theft Auto.  Fanpop has a huge and thriving community with articles, quizzes on your favorite game, answers, videos, wallpapers and the best part…a ton of user generated content.  Bear in mind that most fan sites don’t get anywhere near this large, and they are usually a gamer’s dedication to just one game but you can still build a thriving community gaming site from one game.

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